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DBZ Tribute Ultra V10b6

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DBZ Tribute Ultra V10b6

Post  DevZ.LeGenDaRy-RaGe on Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:43 pm

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This is a beta map so it's still in testing. The following changes are from Beta 5 to Beta 6.
- Abilities now do 60% from 70% damage to heroes
- Piccolo ending final lookout tourn using multi fixed
- Sagas come out more quickly now
- Fixed up saga hero stats so they are more even
- Fixed up saga hero levels so they are more even
- Sagas get stronger with more players
- Ally bug during tourny fixed
- Saga heal uses up much more mana per hitpoint
- Saga heal has a more noticable visual effect
- Babidi reviving dead Buu from HFIL bug fixed
- World Tournament dead non-invul players bug fixed
- Stage 1 Enter Body now has stronger summons, half xp gain from creeps and energy stats and also needs 50% hp to use from 33%
- Renamed Left Game to -empty- so it's easier to tell who left and who's dead (dead players are blacked out)
- Bebi COE bugs fixed and more fluent
- Bebi stuck bug using Enter Body when maturing fixed
- Gravity training balls come out more quickly
- Fruit/Meat does an extra 10% heal life/energy bonus
- Buu can cast his ball on Fat Janemba now
- Stage 2 Enter Body gives Bebi's host instant +225 stats, and +500 stats if he maintains the body for over a minute
- Monkey Bebi has Fire Breath
- Geti Star can now build Geti Droids
- Geti Droids build Geti Defense Towers and Factories
- Geti Droids/Defense Towers are based on hero stats and automatically update every 11 seconds
- Factories manufacture Droids/Copies
- Coolers scan/sense now detects all Ore Deposits on the map, his Scan for resources ability has consequently been removed
- Ore Deposits must be taken over by touching them with a unit, then up to 3 Droids can harvest from it (Similar to how undead harvest gold except no building required)
- One Ore Deposit starts next to your base, 2 other ones are placed randomly on the map, they keep respawning somewhere new once they are depleted, max 3 mines at any one time. Ore mines also give no vision.
- You get 1 free Geti Droid at the start
- Cooler now has Geti Repair, similar to Buu's Heal except it takes 25% of your life from your energy, and 75% of your life from your resources
- Cooler when revived by the Geti Star now gives Cooler 50% life and minimal energy, meaning if you want to fully restore yourself you have to use Geti Repair (This is to prevent players from just killing themselves over using Repair)
- Metal Cooler has Instant Transmission, except it only teleports to structures and can teleport up to 24 of his units, it won't teleport harvesting Geti Droids
- Cooler gets resources per kill depending on the level of the creep/hero

The following changes are from Beta 4 to Beta 5.
- XP is manually triggered so summons do not steal a Heroe's XP
- More bonuses for killing any enemy hero now
- Some new icons
- Gohan can go ss/ss2 without seeing Guru for Potential (Solves the noobs stuck in afterlife issue)
- Dragon Radar available now 1 minute after balls are restored
- Radar can only sense nearby balls, same distance as sense
- Radar has 60 second cooldown
- Radar no longer becomes broken after the first set of balls
- Wish bugs fixed
- Game mode bugs fixed
- Super 13 stat multiplier nerfed
- Most summon moves made stronger
- Separated Bebi's help skills and body skills
- Bebi's Enter Body is auto learned and has 2 stages, first is learned straight away
- Stage 1 Enter Body can take over humans/creeps for Tuffles based on your stats
- Bebi now has Continous Energy Bullets, replacing Saiyan Memories
- Goku's King Kai bonus now only works if you stay there for 2 minutes, bonus also increased
- Bebi and Cell have new bonuses complete with a News team
- Revive tix now have 3 minute cooldown
- Pikkon/Buyon now level 21 from 22
- Bebi, Cell and Cooler have about 50 more initial energy
- Haven't had time to update Cooler, but for now his Clones are much stronger
- To reduce lag, many land deformation effects were removed

The following changes are from Beta 3 to Beta 4.
- Board at the end of the game displays statistics (kills, deaths, time elapsed etc).
- After defeat screen, game no longer goes to scoreboard, you can freely move around and see what happened.
- Piccolo cannot use Multi Form when giant
- Tourny entrance/Cooler revive regions expanded to prevent appearance bugs
- Goku Spirit Bomb visuals buffed (WIP)
- Tourny death vision bug fixed
- HBTC greatly nerfed
- Gravity training slightly nerfed
- Weak Demons in HFIL now 400hp from 700hp
- Inc vision to 1000 at night for everyone from 800
- Forbidden Fruit drops again in HFIL
- Fruit/Meat now gives additional % life/energy
- Bio Fighters no longer drop xp items
- Broly can no longer energy punch buildings
- Babidi/Majin Vegeta can now update kills to release Buu by killing afterlife training creeps and also sagas
- Babidi gets 5 kills towards releasing Buu if he kills a Z fighter

The following changes are from Beta 2 to Beta 3.
- Camera command added
- Piccolo Kyodaika bugs fixed
- Capsule Corp collisions fixed
- Senzu/Dragon Ball radar purchase bug fixed
- 1800 seconds into game Bulma tells the Z fighters the radar is ready to collect
- Bio-lab stuck bug fixed
- Dragon Fist/Burning Attack bugs fixed
- Androids/Cell hotkeys fixed
- Vision death bug fixed
- Bosses cannot enter/exit the lookout
- Crazy camera lookout bugs fixed
- Hero battles give live stats/xp for a set time, it slowly diminishes over time, and needs a minute to recharge
- Spells now do 70% damage to Heroes from 100%
- Ins Trans does not work for the afterlife anymore

The following changes are from Beta to Beta 2.
- Updated terrain again
- Small update to Gohan's Father Son Kamehameha
- New single player test mode, press ESC to boost your characters level/reset cooldowns and energy
- Babidi's Invade Vegeta's Mind now level 40 from 50
- Saga Boss power levels added to board
- Fixed creeps respawn bug
- Fixed ticket bug
- Fixed Bebi/Gotenks tournament bug

The following changes are from V9.3 to V10 beta. Please note that this is only a fraction of the changes, there were too many to mention.
- The multiboard now shows everyone's power levels to compare yourself to others (no more asking others for their stats).
- The board also shows the game mode, the saga you are on and the saga bosses current power level.
- Your stat multiplier and fusion timer have been moved top right, the fusion timer now also tells you when you can fuse again.
- There's a larger diversity of creeps to fight now.
- The afterlife, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and the Dragon ball wishes have all been greatly altered.
- In the beginning the creeps drop random items to help you out at the start.
- You can no longer farm, meaning you can't cheat with Piccolo/Bebi/Cell etc, if you want the stats your summons/clones must be within 1.5 screen lengths!
- Stat multipliers fixed for partial numbers (No more rounding off of stats if you are on 125% stat multiplier as an example).
- Saga Bosses can now use spells, including several beams attacks, healing and other abilties depending on the boss, they are also smarter in chasing but less agressive and less insane on stats
- Terrain updated to match the series
- More than 70 models and 50 skins added
- Battling with other heroes give live xp/stats
- All chars have a sense button meaning you can track down nearby bosses or enemies, but only within 3.5 screen lengths
- Several abilties added/altered/replaced (eg Sprit Bomb, Final Destruction)
- The visual effects have been buffed up, the abilities look closer to the series now, also visuals such as making a wish have been updated to look closer to the series as well
- The User Interface now has a custom Shenron UI replacing the old Human User Interface.



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